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Are you ready to kick-start your plant-based journey? We Dare You to Go Ahead, Eat Like A Vegan

Ciao there! Wambugi here, the creative behind Go Vegan App and I am all about nutritiously dense, delicious plant-based foods. On the web-app, I show you how easy and fun it is to prepare well-rounded vegan meals for yourself, your family or friends as well as how to make a healthy plant-based lifestyle work in the long run. 

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How It Works

This is how we do it...

My easy to make home-made recipes, easy to follow meal-plans and informative nutritional guides teach you how to easily meet your daily nutrient quota by recreating simple, tasty meals. You’ll also get education on the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle and how to navigate social situations plus join fun member tribes that help keep you on track.


Perfect For You

Our Go Vegan App is perfect for you if this sounds like you...

You'd like to make tasty meals with easy inexpensive ingredients.
You want to ensure you are constantly meeting your daily nutrient quota.
You are eager to create a lifestyle that fits & suits you.


The recipes that I have re-made are very tasty. Most are easy to make and require zero kitchen skills. I highly recommend trying them.

M. Margiotta


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Daisy Njoki

Govegan app is very direct , easy to use and very much affordable . I love that the recipes on it are also easy to create and very very creative, minimal complexity so you wont feel like you are not getting it right . Most ingredients are easy to find locally too .. you get to try different local recipes in various different ways too .. I love it ,highly recommended!



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Discover how to easily make delicious plant-based meals without sacrificing taste.

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